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Basic Outline

This is just a rough idea of what might happen, not sure how much of this I will keep but it gives a sort of progression and a look at my initial thoughts.

Jack does lots of different things; he enjoys different things and always has. He’ll get drunk with his friends be childish and act like a lout, as well as being a writer and a theater enthusiast. You get the idea that he has very opposing interests that are not mutually exclusive but have been deemed taboo by each other.

Microwavable sushi – Juxtaposes the cultured with the uncouth. Jack’s best friend uses this to describe Jack.

While on nights out in new cities Jack and his friends used to use fake names and fake jobs, Lee Riley dubious goals panel ect. That’s where he meets a girl and maybe doesn’t introduce himself using a false name because he instantly likes her, but then someone calls him by his fake name and she presumes he has. The girl is quite similar to Jack in the respect that she likes to do more cultured things as well as more average Joe things.

The major difference is how Jack and the girl deal with things, she’s her own person regardless and Jack feels immense pressure for social acceptance.

Jack and the girl end up together but spilt, maybe Jack has cheated on her.

Jack and his ex after some considerable time apart are now really good friends, but of course they still have unspoken feelings towards each other.

Main friends are mostly ‘uncouth’ sort of take the piss out of Jack for the cultured things he does, but are really good friends and very caring. Their lack of enthusiasm and acceptance for his more sophisticated activities lead him to making friends with people who are more cultured but also generally arse holes. Not to the point where the reader hates them, a lot more subtle than that, they are nice people but look down on others.

Events start to unfold where people from the walks of life he is associated with see him in his other lifestyle and complications begin to arise. Jack’s real friends have always known he went and did these other things they were interested in but didn’t really care just tease him for it. It is the other people Jack associated with who are causing the problems.

Jack bumps into someone he used to use fake names with and the man barely recognizes him, he reminds him of the nights out and Jack takes this notion away and ponders it. Lee Riley is born.

At first it’s as simple as changing his writing name, but soon other things follow suit. Jack and Lee become more and more separate, to the point where they are entirely different people.

Jack’s friends try to tell him this is a bad idea, while lee’s friends are relatively oblivious. Running two lives becomes immensely difficult and as people do he takes it out on those closest to him. In the end Jack falls out with his friends and leaves that part of his personality behind, becoming solely Lee and moves away.

Lee meets a girl who is very ‘cultured’ and she is a nice person but doesn’t share the same interests are Jack did.

While away Lee’s writing career takes off and he becomes fairly famous.

Lee has to go back home for a reason, either a wedding or someone being ill. Brings his girlfriend with him, and jack’s old friends hold some resentment for him and this is projected onto her, there’s altercations and they fall out.

Lee moves back to wherever he is and now things start to fall apart, he and his gf part ways.

Jack’s best friend dies and Lee comes back home, somber atmosphere.

Not sure whether Jacks going to have any mental problems.


Lee starts to embrace Jacks old ways and him and his friends are back to their local having a catch up.

Someone recognizes Lee and asks him for an autograph, he doesn’t take no for an answer

Jack hits him.

Lee’s agent tells him in light of recent events the man isn’t going to press charges but suggests he send him a signed copy of his new book and get some therapy.

Jack slowly starts to revert to his old self and he’s talking to his ex gf (The girl from the beginning) She tells him that his best friend saw all his shows, he never gave up on him and that he said he knew Jack was in there somewhere because he always did something in his books plays ext, not sure what though.

There’s a delivery and it’s something or Jack from his best friend that he’d wrote into his will. There will be mention about joke wills they wrote when they were younger earlier in the story. He opens it and sees that it’s an imported box of microwavable sushi, and then signs for it as Jack Stewart. End.

There will be importance of when and how he signs for things throughout the story as indications of the separation of personality.